Litigation Related to Arbitration

The AKB LEX Firm specializes in Arbitration related litigation. Its expertise areas under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 include

  1. Power to refer parties to arbitration where there is an arbitration agreement (Section 8)
  2. Interim measures, etc., by Court (Section 9)
  3. Appointment of arbitrators (Section 11)
  4. Application for setting aside arbitral award (Section 34)
  5. Appealable orders (Section 37)

Besides the above mentioned specialized litigation in arbitration, the firm is also skilled in handling the following matters:

  1. Suits, Appeals, and Writ Petitions.
  2. Commercial contract dispute claims.
  3. Monetary claims.
  4. Personal injury and Insurance claims.
  5. Enforcement of Decrees and awards.
  6. Enforcement of Foreign Decrees and awards.
  7. Providing expert advice on Indian Law.
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