Intership Program.

AKB LEX offers numerous internships to help you improve your skills in a working environment.




You may e-mail your application along with updated CV and recommendation letter from your college. For more information, 


AKB LEX offers internships throughout the year, so you are free to choose your own start and end dates for the internship. The duration of the internship programme varies from one month to one year. The internship programme with AKB LEX offers a variety of internships in arbitration, litigation and mediation.

Internship Daily Agenda

  • Interns are required to observe the designated office hours, which span from 09:30 AM to 07:30 PM, ensuring consistency and professionalism in their work schedule.
  • Assigned to each intern are specific projects that they work on under the close supervision and guidance of experienced senior associates. This structure ensures that interns receive valuable mentorship and support throughout their tasks.
  • Our internship programs prioritize flexibility, allowing interns to balance their responsibilities effectively while maintaining a conducive and supportive work environment. We believe in providing interns with the resources and conditions necessary for their professional growth and development.


  • Interning with us offers a comprehensive understanding of arbitration, from research to advocating before tribunals.
  • Candidates undertaking internships with us have the opportunity to be hired full-time at our arbitration law firm.
  • During your internship at AKB LEX, not only will you gain a deep understanding of arbitration fundamentals, but your overall professional skills will also be significantly enhanced.



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You may e-mail your application along with an updated CV and recommendation letter from your college.

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